June 23, 2021


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Cloudy Day? Fear not

Cloudy Day

Is it ok that it’s cloudy for my photography session? When it comes to getting your pictures taken, the weather can either be your best friend, or it can completely go against us. When you schedule a session far in advance, sometimes it’s necessary to cross your fingers that it will be nice on the day of your photoshoot! 

Why Cloudy days can be Great

If it ends up being a cloudy day during your session, no worries! Having a cloudy day on the day of your photoshoot can be beneficial. First off, you don’t have to worry about squinting your eyes in the pictures because of the sun. Another significant benefit of having a cloudy or overcast sky is that there will be even light which is a huge win. Soft, even lighting is flattering and will allow you a more relaxed, natural look and create smoother skin tones. 

Most of the time, the sky is an overlooked part of your picture. But adding beautiful, dramatic clouds to your photo can make for a surreal backdrop. When sunlight isn’t in the equation for your images, I can capture you pretty much anywhere and from any angle. 

Cloudy Day
Hilton Head Engagement Session

Sunny days are ok too

It’s a good possibility that you will have sunshine during your session, and if you do, that’s great too! This is one of the reasons you hired a professional! Getting pictures taken on a sunny day can bring a few challenges to your photoshoot, but I will handle the differences, and we’ll get through it with no big deal! I will say, the best advantage to a sunny day is sunset! I always suggest doing your pictures during golden hour so that we can get gorgeous sunset portraits! 

No matter what type of day you have for your session, whether it be sunny or cloudy, don’t worry at all. Your photos will be amazing no matter what! Try not to discriminate against the weather. I promise you even if you get a cloudy day, you will be thrilled with how your pictures turn out. The only thing you need to worry about during your session is to smile pretty and take this moment in with your significant other or family members! Let me do all the hard work 😉

Hilton Head Family Photographer

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