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What to Wear for Your Session

What to Wear for Your Session

So you’ve booked your family or couples session, and now it’s time to figure out what to wear! Most of the time, my clients ask for advice on what they should wear to their sessions. I am always happy to help out and give suggestions! There are some considerations you need to take into account before choosing your clothes, so let’s dive in and discuss what to wear for your session!

Color Suggestions 

First, let’s chat about color suggestions! I see so many families trying to match. You know, the typical tan (khaki) shorts with a white top outfit. As great as that might look, the goal is to coordinate your clothing instead of matching exactly. Think about the vibe you desire. Do you want to wear soft or romantic colors, or have more of a vibrant look? It would help if you also considered where your pictures will be taken. For instance, if you’re doing photos on the beach vs. an earthy location, your outfit colors should probably be different because of the background. 

Different hues of blue can work if you’re doing a beach session! So if you decide to go with shades of blue, I suggest having some people wear navy, light blue, or even a vibrant blue. With all the different colors, it will make you stand out better. If you decide on just one specific shade of blue, you might blend in with the color of the water, and you should want to stand out! When thinking of the color wheel, opposite ends work well together. Stand out and be bold with your color choice for your session! A coral color would be the perfect pop of color that would definitely make you stand out from the ocean. 

Hilton Head Family Photographer
What to Wear for Your Session

No Patterns or Logos

Believe it or not, patterns and logos can really throw off your pictures! Your outfits are meant to complement and focus on you as a family or couple. So when you wear a logo, it can be very distracting. If you are going to wear a pattern, make sure only one of you in the group is wearing it! Too many designs can make things look bad. If you decide on a pattern, choose it first and then pick everyone else’s outfits based on the pattern’s colors. I also suggest staying away from tiny prints because those can make the shirt look funky.

What to Wear for Your Session


When trying to figure out footwear, you need to consider the location you are taking your photos. If you’re doing them on the beach, I recommend not wearing any shoes and going barefoot! If you’re taking pictures in a wooded area, I don’t suggest wearing heels, just in case it’s muddy.

I hope that all of these tips were helpful, and now you can pick out the perfect outfit for your session! The most important thing during your photoshoot is for you just to be you! Don’t try to be the model you see on Pinterest. These photos will be seen for years and last a lifetime, so make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing. It’s great that you are getting your photos professionally taken instead of having uncle Bob grab them on his iPhone. Documenting your memories and milestones is my passion, and I promise to help you look your best for these photos!

What to Wear for Your Session
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