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Why are Unplugged Ceremonies Important

Why are unplugged ceremonies important?

Why are unplugged ceremonies important? Picture this…Your wedding day is here. It is one of the biggest days of your life, and you have hired a professional photographer to capture it all. During your ceremony, guests pull out their phones and take pictures. They take pictures while you walk down the aisle, exchange rings, your first kiss, and the exit. All of those cell phones are now in your wedding photos that your photographer took. How devastating would that be? In today’s blog, I am talking about why unplugged ceremonies are so important!

Why it’s Important to Have an Unplugged Ceremony

So what exactly is an unplugged ceremony? An unplugged ceremony is a ceremony where a couple has asked their guests to put away their phones, cameras, or any digital equipment. We all know how addicted some people are to their phones, and there are always those people who think they HAVE to have a picture of your first kiss. Just one phone or camera in your photos can ruin the whole mood. 

Ways to let Your Guests Know it’s an Unplugged Ceremony

There are a few different ways you could let your guests know that you are having an unplugged ceremony. The first way is to have a sign at the beginning of the aisle. Having this sign on an easel will allow everyone to see it before they get to their seats. However, sometimes that little sign is overlooked, and it doesn’t get the message out loud enough to your guests. I also recommend having your officiant state before the wedding officially begins that it is an unplugged ceremony, and everyone needs to turn their phones off and put them away along with any cameras. Typically, when guests are given a verbal reminder, they are more apt to follow along and be more understanding. You can also let people know that they can take photos of you or with you during the reception. Plus, I’m willing to take pictures of you with any of your guests!

Another Idea

If you don’t want to invest in a sign saying unplugged ceremony, you could always put a message in your program. However, if you’re not exactly sure how to word it, here is a fun example that is short and sweet but to the point: “Welcome to our unplugged ceremony! We have hired this cool girl named Ashta, and she will be our photographer for today. You won’t need to worry about having your cell phone or camera out and take your own photos. She will do all of that for you! We can share our final wedding gallery with all of our guests once we receive the images from her. Thanks!”

You can take all of these recommendations to have an unplugged ceremony, and you may still get that one person who still doesn’t listen. I always try my best to avoid them, but if they’re sitting on the end of the aisle, they will most likely be in your photos. So I always urge my couples to do these unplugged ceremonies. I suggest it, not only because I want you to have great images, though, but to make sure that all of your guests are fully present during your ceremony and are there to witness you becoming husband and wife! 

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