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Why I Include Polaroids in my Wedding Packages

Polaroids in my Wedding Packages

As part of the uniqueness of my services, I include Polaroids in my wedding packages. I always deliver a digital gallery to all of my clients, but I also provide fun Polaroid photos on your wedding day. These Polaroids give you the instant gratification factor from your wedding! Each Polaroid I take is unique, and it is a retro keepsake that you will have forever. Below are a few reasons why I enjoy offering these in my packages.

The Why

While earning my Bachelors of Art in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design, I learned all about the history of photography, which became an exciting part of my education. I learned about film photography even though it’s not the most common thing anymore since many people use digital cameras. However, Polaroids are the closest thing to film that I currently offer. While I hope to provide film photography someday, I love offering these as an alternative.

Polaroids in my Wedding Packages

How They Work

So how do these fun Polaroid pictures work? Throughout your wedding day, I will capture all sorts of images. Each time I take one, I hide them from the bride and groom. Once my coverage ends, I will present them with all of the different Polaroids I have taken. This is one of my favorite parts of the day! I get to see the happiness of my couple as they get to enjoy each one. It’s like a quick summary of their big day. 

Offering these in my wedding packages makes me stand out as a wedding photographer. You get a rare experience with having these at your wedding, and people always love seeing them! I love capturing special moments throughout the day and then surprising my couple at the end of the night. If the bride and groom have any part of their day they want to focus more on for their instant pictures, I am totally up for that! I am always open to suggestions.

When you hear that Polaroids are also part of your wedding package, you might be unsure what to do with them. These on-the-spot photos can be passed down to family members or allow your friends to keep. These can be hung on your fridge or keep a few in your car. It’s totally up to you, but I’ve seen some really cool ideas that can be done with Polaroids. My couples quickly realize the different aspects these pictures give to their wedding day! They are meant to be a constant reminder of the special moments that were documented during your day. If you’re interested in having your own Polaroid pictures throughout your wedding day, contact me here!


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